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In - Service Training Programmed was...

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Left: Dr. Minaxi Upadhyay

In - Service Training Programmed was for 10 Days from 1st June 2012 to 10th June2010, for the Teachers, those who have completed 12 years of Teaching Experience at S.V.P. High School & Jr. Collage, Kandivali (West), Mumbai, India.

There were around 450 Teachers from English Medium, Gujarati Medium, Marathi Medium, Hindi Medium & Urdu Medium.

Dr. Minaxi Upadhyay (M.A., M.Ed., MBA, Ph.D.) was a Resource Person of English Medium.

On 1st June after Lighting of Lamp, Prayer was sung by Dr. Minaxi in Melodiouslly.

Dr. Minaxi highlighted on topic like:

- Counstructivism

- Value Education

- Innovative Method of Teaching

- Teacher Empowerment

- Personality Development

- Project Making

- Teaching a Prayer

- Educational Formalities

- Educational Counselling

- Parents, Teachers & Students Counselling


She helps women folks to socialize constructively.


In this regard if any one has query or wants to have indepth knowledge can contact Dr. Minaxi Upadhyay on " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ".






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